Dates: 8th February - 14th March 2021 
Cost: $11 per student (includes free bubble tea!) 

In this new exhibition, students will observe a tea ceremony, learn about the production and variety of teas, read about key historical events surrounding tea trade, and explore the creativity of antique teaware. All bookings will receive a complimentary education resource. Suitable for primary and secondary students. 

Tea Heaven complimentary education resource

History focus: Levels 3–6, 7 & 8 
Developed with the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria (HTAV) 

This resource features a range of interesting classroom activities designed to explore Chinese tea through the lens of the History curriculum. Key topics include:  

  • the history and culture of tea in ancient China 
  • traditional steps of tea-making  
  • how tea was traditionally grown and prepared in China  
  • common types of Chinese tea 
  • Chinese tea ware  
  • how tea culture spread from China to the rest of the world (including the Silk Road); and 
  • international conflicts arising from tea trade.   

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