Enshi Yulu (Green Tea) 3g

恩施玉露 Enshi Yulu (Green Tea) 3g

Brewing guide

Our Enshi YuLu is suitable for transparent glass brewing. It is ideally brewed around 80-85 degrees, brewing the tea at too high a temperature will not only destroy the nutrients in the tea, but also make the tea bitter. Under normal circumstances, the tea ratio is 1:50 (that is, 50ml of water for one gram of tea). It is recommended to brew this tea for 3 minutes.

Drinking efficacy and attributes

Enshi Yulu is rich in tea polyphenols and selenium, which has the effect of relieving drowsiness and refreshing the mind. Drinking it can promote the metabolism of the body, moisturize the throat, and relieve dryness. Enshi Yulu tea also contains a lot of amino acids and vitamins, which can replenish water and relieve visual fatigue. 

Storing guide

After opening, seal properly and store in a dry, dark, cool (0-5 c°) ventilated and odorless place.






本产品一旦开封后应密封保存于干燥、避光、阴凉(0-5 c°)及通风无异味处。