Acknowledging our most recent donors:

Object Donation:

1, Dr. Wesley JAME

·         1x Church of Christ Chinese Mission Church Minute Book, c. 1924-1950

·         1x 50th Anniversary Pamphlet History of Church of Christ Chinese Mission- Carlton, c.1955

These items have historic significance, as they are directly associated with the early operations and celebrations of the Church of Christ Chinese Mission Church, on Queensberry Street, Carlton, built in 1905. These items could potentially contribute to exploring the relationship between community building and religion within the Chinese Australian community.

Library Donation:

1, Dr. Christopher Cheng (Doctor of Philosophy in Institute for Culture and Society Western Sydney University)

2023. “Coming Home to a Foreign Country.” International Institute for Asian Studies Reviews.

2023. “Mutual Language Barriers in the Oral Histories of Immigrants.” Agora 58(2): 26-29.

2023. “From Ancestral Halls to Modern Schools.” Heritage and History in the China–Australia Migration Corridor 5:85-214.

2022.   Australian Migrant Heritage in South China. PhD dissertation (Winner of the Best Australian Thesis in Chinese Studies). 


2, John Griffiths (Chinese Museum Board Duty Chair)

<Red Tape, Gold Scissors: The Story of Sydney's Chinese> by Shirley Fitzgerald, drawing on extensive research and scores of interviews with Chinese families, focuses on the Chinese community of Sydney to tell this fascinating, complex story of the Chinese link with Australia.


3, Irene Poon (Chinese Museum Volunteer)

<The China-Australia Migration Corridor-History and Heritage> - Edited by Denis Byrne, Ien Ang, and Phillip Mar. This book is a study of the history and impact of Chinese-Australian migration and highlights a transnational approach to the heritage of migration and the flows of people, ideas, objects, and money that circulate through migration corridors.