Duration: 1 hour

Cost: $14.50 per student

Grades: 9 – 12

Victorian Curriculum: History Levels 9-12; Creative and Critical Thinking Levels 9-12; Intercultural Capability Levels 9-12; Australian and Global Politics Levels 11-12; Civics and Citizenship Levels 9-12

New! This flagship program invites secondary students to apply frameworks of cause and effect; continuity and change; and different cultural perspectives to the analysis of a range of primary sources relevant to Australia-China relations over the past 150 years. In doing so, they gain a more complex and nuanced understanding of contemporary relations.

The workshop includes several hands-on and investigative activities that connect major events and themes. By the end of the workshop, students will have a fundamental toolkit to think critically and creatively about the nature – and future – of contemporary China-Australian relations from multiple angles.

This program is an ideal conclusion to the Chinese Museum tour, as activities included encourage students to consolidate key themes and objects presented on the tour.

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