Chinese Art Exhibition Catalogue c.1941

Organised by the Brighton Hostesses Air Force Club and the Victorian Chinese Women’s Relief Fund, this 32pp original catalogue was produced for an exhibition at Myer Emporium, Mural Hall Lounge in June 1941. The 376 exhibition pieces on show and described in the catalogue were lent by individual donors - some who were notable Melbourne collectors. The catalogue provides a list of prominent Melbournians, both Chinese and non-Chinese citizens, who participated in charity. It’s a snapshot of Melbourne wartime life of the 1940s. It epitomises the public sympathy towards the Japanese invasion of China and reflects the strong interest in Chinese culture and art by the Melbourne establishment of the time.

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由Brighton Hostesses Air Force Club Victorian Chinese Women’s Relief Fund主办,这三十二页的原始目录是为了1941年6月时在Myer Emporium, Mural Hall Lounge展览制作的。展览中和目录中描述的376件展览品由个人捐赠者借出,其中一些是墨尔本著名的收藏家。该目录列出了参加慈善活动的一些著名的墨尔本人,包括中国公民和非中国公民。 这是1940年代墨尔本战时生活的快照,它体现了公众对日本侵华的同情,并反映了当时的墨尔本华裔社区对中国文化和艺术的浓厚兴趣。