The following Education Resources have been produced by the Chinese Museum to support teachers in the classroom and are aligned with the Victorian and the Australian Curricula. They include lesson plans and classroom activities.

Chinese Anzacs

Chinese Anzacs highlights the contribution of Australians of Chinese descent to the Australian World War I effort. The resource explores issues of conflict, discrimination and national identity. The Chinese Anzacs web story on Culture Victoria’s online story platform includes images, videos and primary sources.

Language, a Key to Survival

Language, a Key to Survival: Cantonese-English Phrasebooks in Australia explores how Chinese from the golrush period onwards used phrasebooks to help them find their way in Australia. Contains classroom activities designed for teachers to use in conjunction with the web story, including inquiry questions, essay topics, document study and other activities. A resource-rich web story can be found on the Culture Victoria site. It includes a wealth of images and videos.

Zheng He's Treasure Hunt

Zheng He’s Treasure Hunt encourages primary students to engage in a treasure hunt throughout the Chinese Museum. Zheng He, who lived during the time of the Ming Dynasty as the admiral of China’s navy helps students to search the museum for clues and learn about Chinese history. Students can visit Reception to receive a beautiful prize upon completion of the treasure hunt. Ideal for self-guided visits. Available at the Reception. Price: $5.

Chinese Museum-related education resources and links are also available online.