Australian Curriculum:Health and Physical Education, General Capabilities: Intercultural Understanding  

Levels: 7 – 12  

Overview: In a similar style to the recent ABC program, 'The School That Tried to End Racism', this program promotes healthy conflict management skills. Secondary students will learn effective strategies to minimise the effects of bullying, prejudice and discrimination from their classrooms. They'll discover how physical activity can influence an individual’s identity and explore the role that participation plays in shaping behaviour. Students will learn how to take positive action to enhance their own and others’ health, safety, wellbeing, and confidence. Each student will receive an illustrated booklet to reinforce the importance of empathy, respect, resilience and fairness.   

Minimum: 100 students per session (students will be divided into small groups)  

Duration: 1 hour 
Program options:  

1) Introduction = Limited time special price $10.50 per student (normally $14)  
2) Package: Introduction + Advanced Session = Limited time special price $21 per student (normally $28). Students will also receive a Certificate of Participation. 

To discuss your options for a booking, call (03) 9662 2888 (and Press 1) or email [email protected]