We research, preserve and present Chinese culture and Australian history, to recognize and celebrate the identity of Chinese Australians


Digital Cultural Adventures: Awakening the Dragon

This digital program allows students to visit the Chinese Museum from their classroom. Students will learn about the Chinese dragon, its role in the Chinese New Year parade and other important symbols in Chinese culture.


Author: Erin Blackman

Convergence: The Art of Zhou Xiaoping in Aboriginal Australia

Convergence: Zhou Xiaoping’s work reflects an intersection between two cultures and two peoples.


Author: Ivy Wang

Location: 22,Cohen Place, Melbourne

Digital Cultural Adventures: Ancient China and Amazing Inventions

This digital program allows students to visit the Chinese Museum from their classroom. Learn about Emperor Qin and his Terracotta Army, inventions that emerged during the Han Dynasty and the importance of the Silk Road.


Author: Erin Blackman

The Museum Collection

The Chinese Museum collects material that contributes to the history of Chinese Australians and the cultural and historic interaction between the people of Australia and China.


Author: Erin Blackman

Our impact


school students have visited to learn about multiculturalism, immigration history, arts & culture.


Chinese Australians form part of our contemporary Australian Society whom the Chinese Museum represents.


precious artefacts form the basis of our valuable collection – the tangible heritage of our 200-year history.

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