Last updated 31st May 2023

In line with the Victorian Government's "Easing of Most Restrictions" announcement, Museum patrons are: 

  • Not required to check in using the Service Victoria app or use a manual check in method
  • Not required to show their vaccination status before entering
  • Not required to wear facemasks inside the Museum, however facemasks are recommended where physical distancing cannot be achieved.
  • Asked to use the supplied hand sanitiser
  • Asked to practice physical distancing and excellent hygiene

The Chinese Museum will continue to implement the following CovidSafe measures to ensure patrons are comfortable and safe during their visit:

  • Frequent professional cleaning and a supply of hand sanitiser throughout the museum.  
  • Allow for physical distancing during activities where possible.
  • Maintenance of a detailed COVIDSafe Plan, available to view upon request.
  • Upkeep of a supply of rapid tests for all Chinese Museum team members to access for free, to ensure regular testing.

Teachers - view our COVIDSafe Protocols for Schools here

We welcome all of our visitors back to the Chinese Museum and thank you for your cooperation.  View Admission info here.

If you or anyone you know could use Covid-19 in-language advice in Mandarin (simplified or traditional Chinese characters), please click here.

以下为有关冠状病毒的政府最新信息和建议,包括如何获得 COVID-19 疫苗接种证明请点击此处查看并转发给您身边有需要中文服务的人。另外,请查看澳大利亚联邦政府卫生部发布的最新企业支持,保持社交距离,保持卫生,和停止传播的信息。

以下為有關冠狀病毒的政府最新信息和建議,包括获得 COVID-19 疫苗接种证明。請點擊此處查看並轉發給您身邊有需要中文服務的人。另外,查看澳大利亞聯邦政府衛生部發布的最新企業支持,保持社交距離,保持衛生,和停止傳播的信息。