Depictions of the Goldfields

A collection of 5 books that provide a depiction of the 1850s Victorian goldfields through the eyes of artists, S. T. Gill, Eugene von Guerard and Edward Hammond Hargraves and photographs from the Holtermann Collection.

We're seeking a donation of $200 to purchase these five reference books for our library or donations of $40 to buy one book outright.  Donations are tax deductible. Donors of $40 or over will be recognised in the front of each book.


金矿的描述 图书合集

博物馆希望能收藏这五本书的集合。这五本书通过艺术家S. T. Gill, Eugene von Guerard, Edward Hammond Hargraves的眼光,以及Holtermann的照片集描绘了1850年代维多利亚时代的金矿。

我们希望能筹集200澳元的捐赠来购买我们图书馆的这五本参考书,或者40澳元的捐赠来购买其中的一本书。 两澳元以上的捐款可以为您免税。 40澳元或以上的捐助者将出现在每本书的开头。谢谢!