Product region: Jianyang, Fuding, Zhenghe, Songxi, and other places in Fujian Province.

Dry tea leaves: Emerald green covered with fine white hair and has a clear centre.

Tea liquor colour: Orange or deep yellow.

Aroma: Fresh and pure.

Taste: Mellow.

Appearance: Smooth, soft, and bright-coloured leaves. If held up to the light, red main veins are visible.



产地: 福建省的建阳,福鼎,政和,松溪等地。

干茶: 毫心明显,茸毛色白且多,色泽翠绿。

汤色: 呈橙色或深黄色。

香气: 鲜纯。

滋味: 醇爽。

叶底: 匀整,柔软,鲜亮,叶片迎光看去,可透视出主脉的红色。



Product region: Zhenghe County, Fuding City, and Fujian Province.

Dry tea leaves: Shaped like a needle, white as silver, fat bud head, and densely covered with fine white hair. Tiny and grey buds are regarded as inferior.

Tea Liquor colour: Apricot yellow or light yellow, crystal clear product.

Aroma: Fresh and mild fragrance.

Taste: Mellow and refreshing.

Appearance: Freshly harvested leaves are yellow and green. If stored too long, they will turn reddish brown.



产地: 福建省福鼎市政和县。

干茶: 形状似针,色如白银,芽头肥壮,茸毛密布,白毫多显,以芽瘦小、色灰为次品。

汤色: 呈杏黄色或淡黄色,晶莹剔透。

香气: 毫香新鲜。

滋味: 醇厚爽口。

叶底: 新茶的叶底黄绿匀齐、陈茶的叶底稍显红褐色。



Product region: Zhenghe, Songxi, Fuding, and other places in Fujian Province.

Dry tea leaves: The buds and leaves are evenly branched. The leaves are numerous and strong, thin and tender. The surface is grey-green or emerald green. The back of the leaves has fine white hair.

Tea Liquor colour: Apricot or orange, clear, and bright.

Aroma: Fresh and pure, with a clear fragrance.

Taste: Sweet, mellow, rich, and full of flavours.

Appearance: The leaves are soft and tender. The pedicels and veins are reddish and bright.



产地: 福建省政和、松溪、福鼎等地。

干茶: 芽叶连枝,毫心多,显壮,叶张细嫩,页面呈灰绿色或翠绿色,毫心白,叶背有白茸毛。

汤色: 杏黄或橙黄色,清澈明亮。

香气: 鲜嫩纯正,毫香明显。

滋味: 清甜醇爽、浓厚、毫味足。

叶底: 叶张软嫩,叶梗、叶脉微红明亮,肥嫩成朵。

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