Temporary Exhibition 24th May - 2nd June 2024
Free with the price of museum admission

Don't miss the extraordinary exhibition of Ada Wang at the Museum of Chinese Australian History. Experience the breathtaking journey of Ada Wang's calligraphy, which began at the tender age of four and has blossomed into a remarkable artistic pursuit. Her calligraphy works have not only garnered recognition in local newspapers and media but have also captured the attention of a broader audience.

For Ada, calligraphy transcends mere writing; it serves as a profound connection to Eastern culture, embodying its essence and beauty. Through her mastery of calligraphy, she not only expresses herself artistically but also pays homage to a rich heritage.

Ada's talent and dedication have earned her numerous national and regional prizes, showcasing her exceptional skill and creativity. Additionally, her artwork, collected in Japan, speaks volumes about the international acclaim her work has garnered.

With each stroke of her brush, Ada Wang continues to weave a narrative that celebrates tradition, creativity, and cultural exchange, leaving an indelible mark on the world of calligraphy.

Calligraphy artworks in the exhibition: