Two Chinese, Two Tales from Crazy Broken Chinese

He Huang grew up in a secluded town in Southwest China. She went to the U.S. for a master’s degree but fell in love with stand-up instead. She is obsessed with travelling around like a nomad, sharing her drama, and getting affections from strangers.

Sean Diao was born in China and now a bona fide Melbournian. He cannot stop babbling about his thoughts on dating, his mum and day-to-day observations and getting affections from strangers as well. 

They met in Melbourne last year and immediately were bonded by their shared background and the fact that they both failed their parents (Sean is less disappointed because his parents suck). Luckily, they found stand-up comedy and Australian therapists to cope with all the internal struggles. Now they are extremely thrilled to bring their jokes and stories to the 2021 Melbourne International Comedy Festival! 

He Huang is also doing another show in the upcoming festival focusing on modern women issues and dating shenanigans called: Of Outsiders and Misfits. You can get more information at Melbourne Comedy Festival Website.

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