Go on a digital journey through more than a century of Chinatown Melbourne history and stories!

The Chinese Museum participated in the Chinatown Portals program, a series of three Facebook Live events that explored the rich history and cultures of various Chinatowns in different countries.

On 17th October, our very own Curator & Exhibitions Manager, Dr Ethel Villafranca, took viewers on a quick audio-visual tour of Chinatown Melbourne's culture, architecture, traditions, and even food from the Australian Gold Rush period all the way through to the present. She also highlighted significant social, political, and economic factors that helped shape Chinatown over the years.  

Watch the full Chinatown Portals Melbourne presentation here:

Chinatown Portals was organised by Chinatown Museum in the Philippines in cooperation with CHiNOY TV 菲華電視 and in partnership with Ateneo Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies, Bahay Tsinoy: Museum of Chinese in Philippine Life, Sugbu Chinese Heritage Museum, and the Chinese Museum 澳華歷史博物館.

You can also watch the full presentation about Chinatown Manila and Cebu here, and Chinatown London here.