Red Envelope Lucky Rabbit (single)



Print A4 Dancing Rooster: Chris Chun Zodiac Collection


In Chinese culture, the Rooster represents fidelity and punctuality because it always crows at the crack of dawn. Read more

Print A4 The Snake: Chris Chun Zodiac Collection


Among the Chinese Zodiac animals, the snake has the 6th position. Read more

Print A4 The Tiger: Chris Chun Zodiac Collection


Featuring the 12 animals of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Australian Chinese artist Chris Chun has created a colourful and whimsical series of paintings that uniquely capture the personality trait of each zodiac animal. Each animal combines traditional Asian symbolism with contemporary Western sensibilities to bring good fortune, health and happiness to their owner. Read more

Print A4 Rat Papercut: Chris Chun Zodiac Collection


The inspiration for this rat is the art of Chinese papercutting. Read more