Phyllis Anguey served with the RAAF Nursing Service from 1940 to 1945. Before the war, between 1926 and 1933, Phyllis worked as a typist and stenographer and subsequently pursued nursing and dietetics at the Queen Victoria and Alfred Hospitals. With the RAAF Nursing Service, Phyllis served at numerous RAAF Hospitals around Victoria, including Laverton, Ascot Vale, and Ransford, as well as in the Medical Air Evacuation Transport Unit.  

In October 1945, Phyllis resigned from the RAAF Nursing Service, much to the regret of her Commanding Officer, who noted in her record her exceptional service knowledge, outstanding administrative ability, and stoicism. Phyllis then trained in midwifery at the Queen Victoria Hospital. 

Studio portrait of Senior Sister Phyllis Anguey of the RAAF Nursing Service, c1940-1945. Courtesy of Morag Loh, in Dinky-Di: The contributions of Chinese immigrants and Australians of Chinese descent to Australia’s defence forces and war efforts 1899-1988 by Morag Loh, ed. Judith Winternitz, p. 36.