Lu Yü’s 25 equipment and utensils for brewing and drinking tea. 

Chajing, or Classic of Tea, was the first major text detailing the cultivation and consumption of tea, written by the famous Tang Dynasty writer and tea master, Lu In the Classic he prescribed 25 pieces of equipment and utensils for the correct brewing and drinking of tea to highlight its philosophical and ceremonial potential.  

  1. Brazier: stove usually made of brass or iron used for boiling water 
  2. Basket: container made of bamboo 
  3. Stoker: hexagonal stick made of iron used to break up charcoal 
  4. Fire tongs: also known as ‘zhu’ and usually made of brass or iron 
  5. Cauldron: pot originally made of pig iron used for holding water 
  6. Stand: implement placed over the brazier to hold the cauldron 
  7. Pincers: small green bamboo tweezers used for holding tea cakes while heating up tea leaves 
  8. Paper sack: wrapping paper made with two layers of rattan paper used for wrapping grilled tea leaves 
  9. Roller: used for grinding tea, preferably made from wood 
  10. Gauze and casket: large bamboo box with a layer of gauze at the bottom used for storing tea leaves 
  11. Measure: square inch spoon made of seashell, wood, iron or bamboo used for measuring the quantity of tea leaves  
  12. Water dispenser: Ten-pint water container made with wood from chou, pagoda, catalpa, or tzu tree, the exterior of which were either lacquered or covered by sewn cloth  
  13. Water filter: best made from copper frame covered with woven young bamboo and a piece of jade green silk 
  14. Water ladle: made from carved peach wood or split gourd 
  15. Bamboo pincers: at least 12 inches long made with peach, willow, grape, or palm wood  
  16. Salt dish: usually made from stoneware that were either round, casket-shaped, a jar, or bottle, and had a bamboo spoon 
  17. Heating basin: container made of clay or stoneware used to hold boiling water 
  18. Tea cupcup with a lid and saucer 
  19. Basket for cups: made from rolled and plaited white rush (an aquatic plant) that can hold up to 10 tea cups 
  20. Brush: usually made from coir palm tree bark strips twisted, bound together, and inserted into a block of dog-wood or bamboo strips bundled together like a large writing brush 
  21. Scouring box: wooden container shaped like the water dispenser but for used tea leaves 
  22. Container for dregs: smaller container (maximum four pints) for used tea leaves 
  23. Cloth: made of coarse thread used for cleaning equipment and utensils 
  24. Utensil rack or bed board: made from bamboo or wood, used to hold and display all the utensils in their proper order 
  25.  Carryall: container large enough for all the equipment and utensils used for brewing and drinking tea 


陆羽 25 种冲泡和品茶的设备和用具 


  1. 风炉:用于煮水的炉子,通常黄铜或铁制成 
  2. 竹制容器 
  3. 碳檛:铁制的六角形棍子,用于分解木炭 
  4.  火筴又称“ 通常由黄铜或铁制成 
  5. :用于盛水的锅,原由生铁制成 
  6. 交床:放置在火盆上的工具,以固定大锅 
  7. :小绿竹镊子,用于在加热茶叶时固定茶饼 
  8. 纸囊:由两层藤纸制成的包装纸,用于包裹烘培过的茶叶 
  9. :用于研磨茶,木制的为皆 
  10. 罗合 大竹盒,底部有一层纱布,用于存放茶叶 
  11. :由贝壳,木头,铁或竹子制成的平方英寸勺子,用于测量茶叶的分量 
  12. 水方 一斗水容器,由椆,槐,楸,梓等木料制成,其外部上漆或用缝制的布覆盖 
  13. 漉水囊被编织的嫩竹子和一块玉绿色的丝绸覆盖着,由铜框制成为皆 
  14. :由雕花桃木或葫芦制成 
  15. 竹夹 用桃,柳,葡萄或棕榈木制成的至少长一寸 
  16. 鹾簋:通常由粗陶制成的圆形盒子形罐子或瓶子,并带有竹勺 
  17. 熟盂:由粘土或粗陶制成的盛沸水容器 
  18. :放置茶壶的圆形浅碗 
  19. :由白(一种水生植物)制成,可容纳多达10个茶杯 
  20. : 由棕榈树的树皮条扭结,绑在一起,然后插入像大笔刷一样的茱萸木竹条块制成的 
  21. 涤方木制容器,形状像饮水机但用于用过的茶叶 
  22. 滓方:较小的容器(最多五升),用于盛放茶渣 
  23. 制成,用于清洁茶器或者 
  24. 具列用竹子或木头制成,用于按顺序存放和展示所有器 
  25. 都篮装下所有茶器和茶具的容器