The daughter of Jimmy Sue Tin: Janice Gee Kee


Janice Gee Kee is the daughter of Jimmy Sue Tin, who established a market garden and a fruit and vegetable stall in 1950. In 1962, he upgraded the shop into a brick building, called Sue’s Corner, which still exists today.

珍妮丝·吉·凯(Janice Gee Kee)是吉米·苏·丁(Jimmy Sue Tin)的女儿,吉米·苏·丁(Jimmy Sue Tin)于1950年设立了蔬菜农场和蔬果摊位。1962年,她将商店升级成砖砌建筑,并且命名为Sue’s Corner,这间商店至今仍存在。

Janice Gee Kee