first published Monday 27 April 2020

Goodwill has no boundaries

Charity and generosity in times of hardship is a natural reaction for Chinese Communities in Australia. During these exceptional times of hardship since the beginning of 2020, there have been many acts of goodwill, without any expectation of recognition.

Many Chinese Australian community groups have found ways to lend a meaningful hand – to name a few:

  • This month, $90,000 has been raised by CALAC (Chinese League against COVID-19) to purchase and distribute PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to many hospitals and aged care facilities in Melbourne and regional Victoria.
  • Last week, CALAC sent care packs including hand sanitiser, masks and food to veterans on the occasion of ANZAC day.

  • The Australian China Friendship Society recently helped organise two flights from China, loaded with PPE and respirators, to our neighbours in Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and Tahiti for distribution to all Pacific Islands. It's planned arrival is in May.
  • In the past 4 months, the Indo China Ethnic Chinese Community raised $90,000 for the Australian Bush Fire Appeal, $111,000 for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, $45,000 to assist Wuhan’s fight against COVID-19 and recently raised $37,000 for medical supplies to go to Australian hospitals.
  • The Australia Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce delivered 2,150 free meals to Princess Alexandra Hospital and QEII Jubilee Hospital with help and collaboration from various local Chinese communities in Brisbane.

Contributing to Australian society is the duty of all citizens, and Australians of Chinese descent are no exception in our Australian history.

Going back in time, during the Gold rush in 1858, the Chinese Community raised a substantial sum to assist in the relocation and expansion of the Bendigo Hospital to meet the growing town.

A certificate of thanks to the Chinese residents of the area is evidence of the generous donation of the Echuca District Hospital in 1922. 

Bendigo Hospital: The Chinese community of Bendigo has been raising funds for Bendigo hospital since 1856. 
Photo courtesy of Bendigo Hospital

In our Australian multicultural society, Chinese Australians wish to share Australia’s common social values whilst celebrating independent cultural beliefs, no matter where they come from. Chinese Australians have come to this country to contribute, share and prosper in the development of this nation as they have done so for the last 200 years.

(Photo: Certificate of thanks to the Chinese residents of Echuca District for donation to the Echuca District Hospital in 1922. Donated by Dennis O'Hoy, Chinese Museum Collection)

The strength of this Australian society and nation lies in the ability to bond all its citizens that have come together from over 200 birthplaces from around the world to establish a progressive, intelligent and harmonious society built on the dynamics of our multicultural population.

Let us all strive towards attaining this goal by helping and respecting each other in these times of hardship. Please share this message to promote our goodwill.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Wang

Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of the Museum of Chinese Australian History

Top Picture: Certificate of thanks to the Chinese residents of Echuca District for donation to the Echuca District Hospital in 1922. Donated by Dennis O'Hoy, Chinese Museum Collection 2012.05.01