One of our team members, Kun, has been locked down in China since January, unable to return to Australia due to the coronavirus outbreak. To keep busy, Kun has turned her hand to calligraphy and painting and we think the result is pretty spectacular! Read more about Kun's coronavirus lockdown experience in China. 

Image: Plum blossom in winter, Kun, 5 Feb 2020. 

The Lunar New Year 2020 is the most unusual one I can remember. Soon after returning home, the news about COVID-19 became overwhelming. It travelled from Wuhan to all parts of China. It completely disrupted everyone's life. Like everyone else, I feel despair. I originally planned to return to Australia on February 7, but due to the epidemic in China, all my work plans were disrupted, and the only thing I could do was stay at home.
To fill the spare time, and to cheer my family up, I began to pick up calligraphy. I have learning calligraphy when I was a kid, I have always felt a deep connection with calligraphy. I liked to do it when I feel down, and during the pandemic, I finished ten-meter long scroll calligraphy. Then I started doing traditional Chinese painting. I like to draw plum blossom and I really appreciate its spirit which represents the adamant spirit. 
I don't know what other people think of art, but art to me is a spiritual force. When I create a painting, it also shapes me. Epidemic provides us with a long vacation. It makes life different but we should believe in the future. The road ahead is always not so easy, sometimes we can not control it, but we could try our best to make life more interesting. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.