For Honour and Country 荣誉与国家

For honour and country : Victorian Chinese Australians in World War II builds on earlier publications, Dinky-Di: The contributions of Chinese immigrants and Australians of Chinese descent to Australia’s defence forces and war efforts 1899–1988, by Morag Loh, and Courage and service: Chinese Australians and World War II, by Diana Giese, to document and contextualise the often-unrecognised commitment, dedication, and sacrifices from those of Chinese descent in support of Australia during World War II.

Refiguring the prevailing narrative of a White Australia prior to the 1970s, the stories recounted include civilian contributions both at home and abroad, the service of women, contributions of Chinese nationals in the 7th Employment Company, and instances of exceptional service. In doing so, we have striven to recognise contributions both large and small, and we have included images and particulars wherever they were digitised and publicly available. 

For the most part, stories have been assembled from records in the National Archives of Australia, Trove, family history databases, and existing honour rolls; hence, this text should be understood as only the beginning of an ongoing project to recognise the military service of Chinese people in Australia. To this end, the Museum of Chinese Australian History welcomes further stories from veterans and families of their contributions to the defence of their home, Australia.

《荣誉与国家:纪念二战忠心服役的维多利亚澳洲华裔》记载了华裔在第二次世界大战期间为支持澳大利亚二做出的不为人知的承诺、奉献和牺牲,并对其进行了背景分析。此书以早期出版物为基础,包括Morag Loh的著作 Dinky-Di: The contributions of Chinese immigrants and Australians of Chinese descent to Australias defence forces and war efforts 18991988和由Diana Giese撰写的 Courage and service: Chinese Australians and World War II

此书重新描写定义了1970 年代之前以白澳大利亚为主流的叙事方式,讲述的故事包括国内外民众的贡献、妇女的服役、中国公民在第七后勤连的贡献以及杰出表现。在此过程中,我们尽全力表彰大大小小的贡献,任何数字化和可公开的图像和细节都会被囊括其中。


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Lena (left) and Christine (right) Ah Yee served in the Red Cross and WAAAF respectively.

Lena(左)和Christine(右)Ah Yee分别在红十字会和澳大利亚女兵空勤队服役。

Alexander 'Alec' Chew was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his 'cheerfulness, courage and devotion to duty' in the Z Special Unit for reconnaissance and sabotage.

Alexander 'Alec' Chew 因其在 Z 特种部队的侦察和破坏活动中表现出 “乐观态度、非凡勇气和至高无上的奉献精神”而被授予大英帝国勋章(MBE)。

Rutherglen-born journalist Alice Lim-Kee and her American-born colleague, Elsie Lee Soong, toured Australia to raise funds in support of the war effort.

出生于 Rutherglen 的记者 Alice Lim-Kee 和她出生于美国的同事 Elsie Lee Soong 环澳为战争援助筹款。

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