Sat, 14 Oct, 1:30pm – 3pm

An introduction to the Guzheng – a Chinese classic musical instrument similar to a zither or harp. Have a play of this instrument in a hands-on music workshop tailored for those interested in widening their music knowledge and skill.

Join us in our captivating Guzheng workshop, where you'll have the chance to dive into the fundamentals of this enchanting instrument. Gain hands-on experience and cultivate your Guzheng-playing skills under our guidance. Along the way, you may also have the opportunity to master a beautiful Guzheng piece, adding a harmonious note to your musical journey! 

Unlock the secrets of this ancient instrument and embark on a musical adventure like no other with Sinobeats at the Chinese Museum!

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Event is suitable for 15 years and above. Event is performed in Both English and Mandarin.

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Sinobeats Pty Ltd is based in Melbourne Australia and specialises in cross-culture communication with the theme of fusion music combining the East and the West. We offer both Western and Chinese music education. We aim to create new fusion music and introduce authentic Chinese culture to the rest of the world. 

Autumn Moon Nights, at the Chinese Museum

The Autumn Moon Festival is full of fanciful stories and characters such as Chang Er who drinks the elixir of life, an archer who shoots down twelve suns and a rabbit in the moon.

To celebrate evenings under the Autumn Moon on the Chinese calendar, the Chinese Museum opens its doors during the month of October for you to experience traditional, contemporary, and reinterpreted Chinese popular culture.

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