Saturday, 3rd February, 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Level 1 Bendigo Bank Community Gallery

Malaysian Pop and Chinese Australian Folk, with Jimmy Fong

Some musicians look how they sound, but Jimmy Fong is a surprising exception. Hearing his fusion of Latin, Chinese, Blues and Islander beats, you’d be forgiven for looking a little confused when an Asian man with a beaming smile walks onto the stage. But the mystery is all part of the performance when it comes to Jimmy Fong.

Jimmy Fong is a singer songwriter with a heart for folk music and an ear for a bluesy riff or rock and roll flourish. 

As an immigrant to Australia from Malaysia, Jimmy summons the moods of his homeplaces old and new through music, with a show filled with songs of his life like Memories of Penang, Helang Langkawi  and December Skies,  performed live on Malaysian television with a 50-piece live orchestra in 2011.

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