Temporary Exhibition:  10th October - 30th October 2022

Location: Level 2 Contemporary Arts Space, Museum of Chinese Australian History

Ticket price: general admission to the museum applies

The Fashion through the Dynasties exhibition presents a selection of exquisite garments and accessories. Contemporary reproductions of these historic fashion reflect the enduring popularity of this graceful and delicate style of dress. The current revival of Hanfu is led by fashion-conscious youth who embrace it, not just because it represents traditional Chinese style, but as an expression of their cultural identity. 

The exhibition traces the history and background of various styles of dress worn by the Han people throughout the centuries: from the Han (220BC - 202AD), Tang (618 – 907AD), Song (960–1279AD) and Ming (1368 – 1644AD) Dynasties. 

Two other Fashion Through the Dynasties events complement this exhibition: 

  1. Runway show on the 16th October 2022
  2. Hanfu Afternoon on the 15th October 2022

This event is part of the Melbourne Fashion Week: 

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