An exhibition of twenty recent paintings by contemporary Chinese artist, and specialist in Buddhist philosophies and arts, Master Hong Si (弘四法师).

3rd - 31st December 2022, Museum of Chinese Australian History.

Free with the price of museum admission.

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“When I am looking at a painting of Hong Si, I can feel that I enter an unlimited space, a space of warmth, a space of freedom, a space of joy and a space of humbleness.” Tobias Biancone, Director General of International Theatre Institute ITI (founded by UNESCO).”

Master Hong Si (born 1961, Shanghai) is a contemporary Chinese artist specialising in Buddhist philosophies and arts. He is a major figure in the art of Buddhist ink wash abstract painting, and a leading practitioner of contemporary Qingbai lacquer painting.

Chief Abbot of Longtan Temple in Zhejiang Province since 2017, Hong Si belongs to the Linji School, 45th generation of Zhengyin, a branch of the Chan School (Zen) Buddhism. He approaches his art practice with the attentiveness and clear mind of a Buddhist master and spreads the ideas and philosophy of Buddhism through his artwork. In this way, Hong Si’s paintings are the fateful coming together of space, time, and speed in the pursuit of Buddhist revelation. He sees his paintings as a representation of the interrelation of the universe, nature, and people. Hong Si lives by his phrase 微笑即是行善 – “the act of smiling is an act of virtue/kindness”.

Hong Si has studied the philosophy and artistic concepts of Chinese Buddhist paintings for many years.  In 2018, Hong Si travelled to Burkina Faso, Africa, to establish an art workshop for UNESCO and the ITI organisation. The workshop continues to provide non-profit art education today. In the same year, the French government invited him to design the HONG SI postage stamp. In 2020, he was appointed Secretary-General of the Macau Buddhist Calligraphy and Painting Association.   

大师不语 2022(69X69)纸本水墨


大自在三 2022(50X69)纸本水墨

雪菩提系列五 2022(50X50)纸本水墨

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