“Cultural museums explore fresh paths to learning and curriculum enhancement, which are user friendly and culturally dynamic in scope” (Dimas, 2016, p. 3). 

Following the tenants of best-practice museum pedagogy, the Chinese Museum offers access to its collection both physically and virtually. Traditionally, the Chinese Museum’s Education program has centred on tours and workshops. All our tours encourage students to re-examine their perspectives on heritage and cultural connections, as well as investigate the physical and geographic boundaries of artefacts. Students are encouraged to engage in a critical inquiry about the contributions of Chinese people to Australian history and identity, including hearing of personal stories of hardship, survival, and triumph.

Our Education program aims to connect selected artefacts with these personal stories and promotes their significance as cultural currency, encouraging acceptance of cultural difference and Australia as a multicultural society.

Our virtual incursion program, Digital Cultural Adventures, offers another way for students to access artefacts, interactive games, images, and storytelling to support classroom learning. In 2022, we are taking our Digital Cultural Adventures to schools across the country, whilst launching a new incursion program, ‘We Are Strong Within’ which tackle themes of racism and how to deal effectively with discrimination through activities which aim to cultivate empathy, respect, resilience and fairness.  

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Dimas, S. (2016). Improving multicultural learning through interpretations and interactions with museum educational practice. Journal of Visual Literacy, 35(1), 3-23. doi:10.1080/1051144X.2016.1197516