The Australia-China Digital BRIDGE Program is a collaborative, international, professional learning partnership program for educators across Australia and China.

In an online session presented by our Education Manager, Tiffany Chimirri, participants were introduced to and able to find out more about Museum of Chinese Australian History; explore our range of Exhibitions and Education Programs; participate in a cultural object activity promoting cultural exchange, thus building participants’ own intercultural understanding as well as sharing their own personal history and cultural heritage.

“The cultural activity through individual teacher share a culturally significant object to tell their own story about their cultural heritage has been the highlight of the program so far….I will be able to try this activity with my L2 Chinese learners. Students could each do a presentation about their culturally significant object and share to the whole class with targeted language. Other students could ask questions. This is a great activity for developing L2 Chinese learners’ skills in speaking and listening.”

 Participant from Cairns School of Distance Education