We are excited to announce that the Chinese-Australian Historical Images in Australia (CHIA) database back online!

CHIA is a catalogue of historical images of Chinese immigrants and their descendants held in Australia. It primarily draws on the photographic holdings of the Chinese Museum but also includes photographs from other online archives, publications and private family collections. Built into the database is the beginnings of an encyclopaedia of Chinese-Australian history, complete with bibliography, which provides contextual information about the images in the database.

The website/database has been archived and is no longer updated.   However, its content is being made available to the general public for research and historical information purposes only.

CHIA is a joint project between the Chinese Museum and La Trobe University, and is supported by the Australian Research Council.

Official project participants include:

  • Sophie Couchman
  • Professor John Fitzgerald
  • Dr Jane Lydon
  • Paul Macgregor