Chinese language is the foundation of Chinese culture and became China’s common language from the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BCE). The richness of China’s long culture evolved and is imbedded in the language and by knowing the language, you live and appreciate the culture. So we promote the maintenance of Chinese language amongst Australians with Chinese ancestry so as to encourage, maintain and respect the richness of cultural diversity amongst Australians.

Our connectivity with the Chinese Community as a whole has always been a priority. It took us many years to make the five floors of the Chinese Museum totally bilingual, so that visitors to the Museum, whether English or Chinese speakers, could feel comfortable viewing any aspect of the Museum.

We are proud to advise that we have now translated the Chinese Museum website into Chinese to cater to the diversity of languages amongst our community. Our objective is that Chinese Australians, whether English or Chinese speakers, can gain a greater understanding of the Museum’s activities to encourage greater inclusiveness of all.

We would particularly like to thank Elva Li who donated her time and skills towards helping build and commission the Chinese language website. Elva is a branding and business coach and she was instrumental in seeing this website come to fruition. 

Visit our new Chinese language website here and happy reading!