6th February - 30th June 2020 

Chinese painting is one of the oldest forms of artistic expression in the world with many different styles and techniques developed across many centuries in China. The most common medium include ink on paper or silk that are then mounted onto scrolls and displayed. The tradition comes from the same philosophy as calligraphy, which focuses on brushstrokes and shades of black ink.

The 18 paintings displayed in this gallery are reproductions of classic Chinese paintings from the Song (690-1279), Ming (1368- 1644), and Qing (1644-1912) Dynasties and show three main painting styles: landscapes, close ups on nature, and narrative paintings.

Landscape paintings were first created during the Han Dynasty and have become the most popular type of art in China since the 10 th century. People and structures are often included in these images to illustrate the scale of nature. The depiction of flowers and plants is also popular due to their inherent beauty and elegance as well as a way to convey messages through flower symbology and puns on the Chinese language. Narrative
paintings, which were popular during the Song Dynasty, are a unique blend of painting, poetry, and calligraphy that tell elaborate stories from a single image illustrated across one or more scrolls.



这些卷轴画的复制品全部由David Wei向博物馆捐赠,如有意购买,请向前台咨询。

撰稿:戴一心 翻译:陈紫椰


Classic Chinese Paintings, Level one gallery, Museum of Chinese Australian History

Classic Chinese Paintings

Detail of Fish Algae Illustration, Ming Dynasty

Detail of Peach Source Wonderland Illustration, Ming Dynasty