The Chinese Museum's Autumn Moon Festival Days, held on 30th September and 1st October, was a vibrant celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. With over 300 attendees across these two exciting days, successfully brought the Mid-Autumn Festival's rich culture to life, fostering appreciation and understanding while creating unforgettable moments of joy and cultural exchange.

Visitors immersed themselves in a cultural extravaganza, featuring captivating activities that allowed them to dive deep into Mid-Autumn traditions, customs, and origins. From mooncake-making demonstrations to Rabbit Face Mask Coloring, attendees not only learned about the festival but also had the chance to express their creativity and take-home unique mementos. Lantern Making was a popular activity that provided an opportunity for both children and parents to craft their own Autumn Moon Lanterns, creating cherished keepsakes. The event fostered a strong sense of connection to the festival's rich traditions.

The celebration also includes a spectacular Lion Dance celebration in Chinatown Square and the launch of Autumn Moon Night at the Museum on Sunday at noon, infusing the atmosphere with energy and excitement, making it a memorable conclusion to this cultural experience.