Lucky Rabbit: An Exhibition Celebrating Chinese New Year was officially launched on 20th January 2023.

Image captions: Chinese Museum CEO Mark Wang hosting the launch.

Lucky Rabbit: An Exhibition Celebrating Chinese New Year reveals the stories and history behind this important cultural festival, celebrating tradition, ritual, myths, symbolism, and our hopes for the future.

The curtains slowly raised, revealing the exhibition’s launch ceremony, featuring speeches from Mark Wang, CEO of the Museum of Chinese-Australian History and Chris Chun, lead artist for the Lucky Rabbit exhibition and guest curator. As the reporter visited the exhibition footsteps, the launch ceremony slowly opened the curtain. There were then speeches by Mark, CEO of the Australian Museum of Chinese History, and Chris Chun, Lucky Rabbit's artist and guest curator.

CEO Mark expressed the great honour of having Chris Chun as lead artist, and to host his latest works combined with the Spring Festival theme at the museum. Mark also was quick to wish everyone a happy and meaningful Spring Festival.    

Chris Chun thanked the museum staff for their contributions to the exhibition and shared his creative inspiration: Lucky Rabbit showcases the customs and traditions of Chinese New Year through a rich narrative of colour and decorative patterns, integrated with informative stories and family-friendly activities. As the centrepiece of our Chinese New Year Festival the exhibition is designed as an immersive and interactive experience throughout the Chinese Museum's first level gallery.    

Image captions: Chris Chun is giving an opening speech. 

After the speech, with New Year's wishes and expectations for the future, the guests began their tour of Chris's exhibition. Both Chris and Mark wished everyone a happy New Year and bright hopes for the future, officially opening the exhibition. As they toured the Museum guests learned about the history, customs and traditions of the Chinese New Year as well as the food and celebrations.

The launch of the Lucky Rabbit exhibition celebrating the Chinese New Year was a complete success and is now open to the public. Lucky Rabbit: The Exhibition Celebrating Chinese New Year invites the public to enjoy the visually inspired and culturally rich celebrations.