This week, the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival announced that its Winter Edition and Regional Edition in 2021 has been cancelled. It was the hope of everyone that after the initial postponement, the festival could go ahead in the spring, but with no abatement of the COVID-19 situation, that option is now no longer viable. 

This means that our Tea Heaven event will not be proceeding as part of the festival in 2021.

Announcement from the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

“The challenges around lockdowns and restrictions related to COVID-19 continue to affect event planning and it is with a heavy heart that we have made this decision. We rescheduled the Festival twice this year to try and find a place on the calendar where we can run the event safely and with some certainty but these plans are no longer workable in the current environment,” says Anthea Loucas Bosha, CEO of Food + Drink Victoria, the not-for-profit parent company behind MFWF. “We are devastated, naturally – the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival is here to support and celebrate the food and drink community of this city. We will be back in 2022 with an exciting line-up of events and we very much look forward to raising a glass with everyone to celebrate what will be the 30th anniversary of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.”

While this year’s remaining Festival events are unable to proceed, the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and Food + Drink Victoria remain committed to championing Victoria’s world-class food and drinks industry.

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival will return in 2022 to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

In the meantime, the Festival will work through the ticketing arrangements, including refunds, with guests and partners in the weeks to come.

Ticket Refunds

MFWF will contact all ticketholders via email to advise of the cancellation of the Winter Edition. Melbourne Food & Wine Festival will manage all customer enquiries and transact refunds for all bookings on our behalf. All bookings should be refunded by 13 September.

If you experience any difficulties, please feel free to contact the MFWF team directly via [email protected] and they will respond accordingly. 

We look forward to participating in MFWF in 2022!