After more than six months of research and consultations with other local and international museums/archives, researchers, and IT specialists to understand criteria for a better suited but affordable CMS, the museum has decided to shift from our current Collections Management System (CMS) into CatalogIt. The migration process is currently underway and expected to be completed in the next few months. The curatorial department will need to perform data cleaning before the museum can make available some of our collections for the public to browse online.  

CatalogIt is a is a cloud-based CMS that is accessible via smartphones, tables, and desktop computers. The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent mandatory WFH for museum staff highlighted the need for a cloud-based CMS that allows the staff to access our collections data from anywhere. This prompted the curatorial department to fast-track the plan to switch into a more updated CMS that is capable of supporting the needs and requirements of the museum. Additionally, CatalogIt will also be able accommodate the main museum collections, research archive, and library materials under one management system—something that the museum has not been able to do in the past. 

Check our website for future updates on when you can see more photos and information about our collections online!

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Image: Black silk jacket donated by Clair Williams. MCAH accession number 1986.11.02.