We are delighted to introduce the members of the Museum’s revamped Collection Development Advisory Group (CDAG) who are a group of experienced and/or professionally trained individuals invited by the museum to provide objective and considered advice on collections management matters.  

Insights and feedback from CDAG members, who are all volunteers, will assist the museum's Curatorial Department in making informed decisions that will continue to expand and strengthen the museum’s collections.  

Thank you to the following CDAG Members, who accepted our invitation. We can't wait to start working with you! 

We would like to acknowledge and thank Dr Sophie Couchman, who established the CDAG during her tenure as Curator of the museum and for continuing on as a member even after her departure. Sincere gratitude also to the previous member Anne-Louise Muir. Thank you for laying the foundations for the work that we are undertaking now.

Dr Kate Bagnall 

Senior Lecturer in Humanities (History) 

University of Tasmania 

Dr Lorinda Cramer 


Australian Catholic University 

Dr Anna Daly 

Writer and researcher currently pursuing an interest in canon formation and Australian visual culture of the past and the present

Daria Gradusova 

PhD candidate, Faculty of Health, Arts and Design  

Swinburne University of Technology 

Nik McGrath 


Museums Victoria 

Eleni Papavasileiou 

Senior Curator and Collections Manager 

Jewish Museum of Australia 

Marion Parker 

Textiles Conservator 

Marion Parker Textiles Conservation 

Terry Young 

Vice President 

Chinese Australian Family Historians of Victoria (CAFHOV) 


Ruth Leveson 

Retired Museum Collection Manager (Numismatic Collection) 

Museums Victoria 

Dr Ashten Warfe 

Lecturer in Ancient Cultures 

Monash University