Recognising Our Community

During COVID-19 lockdown, I came across many people who spent their downtime inwardly reflecting on their “purpose in life”, whilst outwardly witnessing an increasing political hostility between China and Australia. As Chinese Australians, it is hard to escape from being affected by the changing social and political values and attitudes that we face – leaving many of us to ponder about who we and how others, as individuals and as a collective, perceive us to be in our society.

Recognising Our Community is our theme for 2021, where the Chinese Museum would like to provide some grounding for the Chinese Australian community with a program of exhibitions, seminars, research projects about heritage, legacy and identity, which will include:

  • Who We Are – an 8-part short video series about the diversity of contemporary Chinese Australians, sponsored by Department of Foreign Affairs and aired in China through the Australian Embassy in Beijing and Australia (Feb - May 2021)
  • Celebrating the 180th anniversary of the Kong Chew Society the oldest community organisation in Melbourne (Date to be advised)
  • The launching of For Honour and Country about the WWII Service men and women who were Chinese Australian Victorians, published by the Chinese Museum (Anzac Day 2021 Commemorations)
  • Creating a photographic essay of Melbourne’s Chinatown 2021 by RMIT School of Art (Date to be advised)
  • Holding a Family History Month with the Chinese Australian Family Historians of Victoria (August 2021)
  • The Salvation Army’s historical engagement with the Chinese community both in China and Australia (Date to be advised)

These will be amongst our normally packed annual program of activities!  

We look forward to seeing you at one or more of these events.