Nikki Yang's art exhibition "All the World's A Stage" successfully exhibited at the Chinese Museum from 5th May to 11th May 2023.

The exhibition was a vibrant celebration of the artist's years of research and creative achievements. Visitors to the exhibition experienced the artist's profound reflections on topics such as Buddhism, psychology, and philosophy, as well as her exploration of self-discovery and the spiritual world.

In the exhibition, Nikki presented 31 artworks in various styles, including mixed media oil paintings and colored paper art. Through her unique aesthetic style and techniques, the artist merged expressionism and post-impressionism, creating a fantastical meditative space that presents the vibrant world of life as a play. Nikki Yang's artistic creations are deeply influenced by fields such as philosophy and Buddhism. Her works convey thoughts and explorations on human existence and spiritual realms.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by distinguished guests such as the former director of the Shanghai Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, renowned Australian artists, Tibetan Buddhist mentors, prominent cultural critics and collectors, the president of Box Hill and Burwood Rotary Club International, and the former deputy mayor and councilors of Manningham. 

Nikki's exhibition not only injected new vitality into the Australian contemporary art scene but also prompts people to reexamine the juxtaposition of Chinese and Western cultures in relation to contemporary art.

Distinguished guest and speaker at All the World's a Stage opening ceremony

Distinguished guest and speaker at All the World's a Stage opening ceremony

The artist, Nikki Yang, speaking at All the World's a Stage opening ceremony

Guests at the exhibition's opening ceremony

Artwork part of All the World's a Stage

All the World's a Stage exhibition, by Nikki Yang