RISING is staging a number of artworks and performances in Chinatown from Wed 26 May-Sun 6 June 2021.

Each night, people will be drawn to the area through a mix of ticketed and free events and artworks around Chinatown.

RISING recognises the great significance Chinatown holds in Melbourne as the longest continuous Chinese settlement in the Western world. The festival will celebrate Chinatown's importance and amplify the existing vibrant culture, by installing a number of artworks and events along Lt Bourke Street, Golden Square Car Park, Daniel's Car Park, Brien Lane, as well as projections onto surrounding building walls.

The festival will have a small bar area on the rooftop of Golden Square Car Park, but will otherwise not be hosting any food or hospitality in the area. RISING will instead encourage visitors to eat and drink at local restaurants, cafes and bars.


Parade for the Moon is a sporadic parade by artists Jason Phu, Nabilah Nordin, James Nguyen and Veisinia Tonga-a procession of spirits, dragons, loud drums and animals marching in tribute to the moon.

A small group of performers wearing costumes made by local community groups will weave in and out of RISING's Golden Square exhibition and around Chinatown, in recognition of the moon worship and symbolism prevalent in Melbourne's myriad cultures.

You can find out more about the procession here.

The parade will take place every night of the festival (except Monday 31 May), with the group moving on foot from the entrance of Golden Square Car Park on Lonsdale Street.