Temporary Exhibition: Starts 5th December 2020, ends 20th December 2020

Since the beginning of 2020, Melbourne has been closed and artists and art lovers have been prevented from participating in their everyday activities.  Now, with the lifting of restrictions, economic activities are resuming, events are re-starting and the day is dawning for a brighter and more vibrant Melbourne again.

This art show, named The Dawn of Melbourne, is organised by a group of local artists, to gather likeminded artists and art lovers together to celebrate Melbourne, Australia and Chinese Australian culture.  It is also a response to the call to help rebuild Melbourne as the world's art capital; to play an active role in this historical recovery period.  

The Chinese Museum is delighted to host this exhibition and thanks to the artist group for their support as it embarks on its own re-opening and recovery. Click here to see the list of artists and their artwork.