UNSUNG STORIES celebrates our Chinese Austalian community by sharing stories from their lives, in their own words. We’re looking for stories, your stories, that have the power to affect and influence other Australians and give rise to greater understanding and goodwill between us all, as an inclusive and multicultural nation. 

In their first storytelling initiative, AACTA are looking for new voices from the Chinese Australian Community who want to help unify Australia by sharing a heartfelt, challenging or treasured story from their experience living here.Stories help us understand each other, show us what we have in common, create connection between us and brings us closer together as an inclusive and multicultural society.  It can be whatever kind of story you want to tell – funny, sad, heart-warming, heartbreaking, we just want them to be an honest, authentic account of your life – or a moment from it – that speaks to the truth of your experience as a Chinese Australian. All you need to do is record yourself telling your story directly to camera – It can just be you, or can include family or friends, as long as they’re connected to the story, and it’s under 10 minutes long. A selection of stories will then be presented at the 2023 Unsung Stories Gala event in Sydney, where the shortlisted stories will be presented in front of a live audience and streamed around Australia. Submissions open today and close on January 22, 2023 (Chinese New Year)

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