Temporary Exhibition 9th - 20th June 2023
Free with the price of museum admission

This exhibition showcases the photography and film works of teachers and students majoring in imaging at the School of Design, East China Normal University. The artists' works cover fields from documentary to conceptual, from photography to video art.

The themes include observations of the current domestic and international social situation, reflections on the contradictions and conflicts between humans, nature, and society, recognition of contemporary feminism, understanding of family and family relationships, exploration of intimate relationships, experiences with memory and the future, and prospects and reflections on the era of technology and intelligence.

This program adheres to School's consistent teaching principles of experimentation and humanistic care, in which documentary photography and experimental image creation bring the best performance.

独角戏 / Monodrama

姚荣/Rong Yao,影像专业副教授/Associate Professor

Image Communication Design, School of Design, ECNU

边缘的癔症”/‘Suburban Hysteria’

胡亦宽/Hu Yikuan, 影像专业负责人/Program Manager

Image Communication Design, School of Design, ECNU

人物园/Human Zoo

钟雨哲/Yuzhe Zhong


Image Communication Design, School of Design, ECNU