Updated as of May 2021 

The museum will continue adding information on this page as more information about Chinese and Chinese-Australian soldiers in WWI come to light or more photos and objects are donated into the museum’s collections. 

If you have family members who are Chinese Anzac or Chinese-Australian WWII soldiers, we would like to hear from you and add their names to our growing list of soldiers. Click here to fill out the information submission form. 

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RED – Killed in Action, Died of Wounds or illnesses 

PURPLE – Did not serve overseas 

Affoo, Frederick Alexander 
Ah Foo, Tommy 
Ah Yee, James 
Ah You, Charles 
Ahang, William Clarence Way 
Ahchay, Nathaniel 
Ahchay, William 
Ahchow, Thomas William 
Ahgee, Henry Frederick 
Ahsee, William 
Allen, Charles Albert 
Allen, Charles Albert 
Amoy, Herbert William 
Amoy, Thomas 
Arford, Abel Henry 
Argo, Frederick Charles 
ARTSO, Edward Harold 
Asheu, Ernest Sydney (Ashen) 
Barker, George 
Belcher, Francis Henry 
Booshang, William Henry 
Broad, Charles Albert 
Butler, Arthur Harold 
Butler, Horace Richard 
Cameron, Colin  
Cameron, Donald James 
Cash, Bartley William 
Cash, Frederick Joseph 
Chan, Albert Victor 
Chew-Kee, Norman William Enoch 
Chie, Carlton Norman 
Chin, Arthur Rupert 
Chin, Frederick Walter Ford 
Chin, Harry Thomas 
Chin, Henry James 
Ching, William Frank 
Chinn, William Henry 
Chong, Arthur 
Chong, James Palmer 
Choy, Arthur Edward 
Chung, William Thomas 
Clarke, Linton Leslie 
Compow, Henry William 
Coohey, Martin 
Coon, Frederick James 
Coon, Frederick James 
COY, Robert Leslie 
Cumming, John Allan 
Currie, Francis Thomas 
Currie, Hugh Roy 
Davies, Harold William 
Dong, Frederick 
Egge, Rupert John 
Egge, William Frederick 
Essay, Wallace (aka Sue, Camillus) 
Fieldhouse, Philip Edward 
Foo, Francis William 
Foo, George 
Foo, James 
Foo, James 
Foo, Richard 
Foo, Walter Denman 
Fooke, James 
Foon, Alfred Ernest 
Foon, Frederick 
Foon, William 
Ford, Ernest Arthur 
Garvey, Richard Oliver 
Gee, Harry Charles (Peter) 
Gett, George 
Gipp, George 
Gipp, Leslie Herbert 
Gipp, Richard 
Gooey, Charles 
Gooey, William 
Goon, Frederick 
Goon, Herbert Henry 
Griffiths, George 
Guan, Charles Henry 
Gum, Frederick William 
Gum, Percy Norman 
Gum, Raymond Frank 
Gum, Stanley Stuart Edgar 
Gum, Thomas Samuel 
Gye, Edward Evelyn 
Gye, George Butler 
Hanstein, Oscar Carl 
Hastings, Clive Mortimer 
Hay James Alfred 
Hay, Albert 
HAY, Cecil Edward 
HAY, Kenneth Arthur 
Hay, Lewis/Louis 
HAY, Marmion Alexander 
Hem, Edward Bert 
Hiah, Victor Harry 
Hing, Bert 
Hing, Clarence Edgar 
Hing, Frederick George 
Holmes, Joseph John 
Hon, Albert 
Hong, Edward Daniel 
Hong, James 
Hong, John 
Hong, Thomas 
Hoy, Hector 
Hoyling, Harry Edward 
Huey, Edward John 
Huey, John Robert Joseph 
Hughes, Albert Oscar 
Hughes, David Henry 
Hughes, Thomas Albert 
Hungfee, George Wallace 
Hustwaite, Sydney John 
Jacgung, Lindsay Lee 
James, Harry 
Jan, Andrew 
Jan, Henry 
Kem, Francis John 
Kem, Morton Edward 
Kem, Percival John 
Kew-Ming, Leslie Henry 
Key, Harold George 
Kihang, Ernest 
Kihang, Herbert 
Kihang, William 
Kim, William John 
King, David Alexander  
King, Edward James  
King, Ernest John 
King, Robert Elwyn 
KITTYEA.(REGAN), James Harold 
Kong Meng, Herbert 
Kow, Frederick 
Kumsay, Cecil George 
Lagoon, Albert Roy 
Lampan, William George 
Lamson.Roy James 
Lang, Robert Cecil 
Langtip, Bertie Allan 
Langtip, Ernest Walter 
Langtip, Henry 
Langtip, Leslie Oliver 
Lau, Edmond 
Lawhank, Cecil Joseph 
Lee Kim, George Vincent 
Lee, Alfred John Edward 
Lee, Thomas William George 
Lepp, Albert Edward 
Lepp, Arthur Norman 
Lepp, Clarence Rupert 
Lepp, James Edwin Charles 
Lepp, Reginald Charles 
Lepp, Victor Stanley  
Lock, John Henry 
Long, Albert Victor 
Long, Harry Walter 
Long, Percy 
Loo Long, George Thomas 
Loo Long, William 
Lowe, Charles Peter   (TBC) 
Lowe, Clarence Albert 
Lowe, Harold 
Loy, Samuel Arthur John 
Lum, Albert David 
Lum, Joseph Herbert 
Mason, Robert 
Mills, Clarence Gum 
Minjoy, Joseph Walter 
Mong, Albert 
Moy, Arthur William 
Moy, Charles James 
Moy, John Alfred 
Moyling, Benjamin 
Nicholls, Theophilus Martin 
O'Phee, Andrew 
O'Phee, Joseph Martin 
O'Phee, Thomas Patrick 
O'Sing, Harold 
Owen, Edward Albert 
Owen, Henry John 
PARR, William John 
Ping, Eric Henry 
Ping, Julian Edward William 
Ping, William Henry 
Piper, Herbert Arthur 
Poon, Hunter Robert George 
Quan, Walter 
Quan, William John 
Quong Tart, Arthur Malcolm 
Quonoey, Christopher 
Rogasch, Edward Albert 
Rogasch, Herbert August Adolph 
Sam, Albert 
Sam, Arthur 
Sam, George Flood 
Sam, Henry Herbert 
Sam, James Francis 
Sam, John William 
Sam, Norman 
Sam, William 
Sams, James Edmund 
Sams, James Leonard 
See, Charles 
See, Godfery Edward 
See, Thomas 
See, William 
Shang, Caleb James 
Shang, Sidney Waugh 
Shanhun, Alfred 
Shanhun, Arthur Alfred 
Shanhun, Edward William Alexander 
Shanhun, John Ambrose 
Sheck, George 
Shipp, Joseph 
Shying, Christopher John  
Shying, Henry Edward 
Siakew, James Andrew 
Sim, Percy Thomas 
Sing, Charles Percival 
Sing, Ernest 
Sing, George 
Sing, George Bush 
Sing, George Reuben 
Sing, James Hughes 
Sing, Nelson 
Sing, William 
Sing, William Edward (Billy) 
SINN, Joseph Bruce 
Sooning, George 
Sooning, James Albert  
SPARK, Ernest William 
Tankey, William Alfred 
Tart, Albert Ernest 
Tipp, Arthur Ernest 
Todd, Charles Roy 
Tong Way, Hedley David 
Tong Way, Samuel John 
Tong, Arthur Norman (Aka Robert Arthur Bateson) 
Tong, Dudley George 
Tong, George Hubert 
Tong, Royden Wesley 
Tong, William James Claude 
Tooher, William James 
Tucker, Charles (aka Ah Tuck, Charles) 
Tucker, Frederick William 
Wagstaff, Laurence Mansfield 
Waller, Edward John 
Walters, David 
Walters, Joseph 
Walters, Thomas 
Watson, Alexander Robert 
Way, James Lawrence 
Welshe, James Joseph 
Wilson, Frederick Ernest 
Wingrave, Frederick John  (Hoyling) 
Wong, Elijah Renfred Hubert 
Wong, Richard Wesley 
Wood, Ernest Oswald  
Wunhym, John Alfred 
Yappa, Gervyn William 
Yappa, Wallace Case 
Yin Goon, Henry 
Yon, Albert Charles 
Yon, Ernest Charles 
Yon, Harry (Albert Arnold) 
Yon, Percival Edward 
Yon, Robert Henry 
You, Charles 
Young, Albert Victor 
Young, Ernest 
Young, George Henry 
Young, Hem 
Young, William 
Yum, George Henry