The Lepp family served in both World Wars across two generations. Arthur Norman (1896), Albert Edward (1893) and Reginald Charles (1894), sons of George and Margaret; James Edwin Charles (1886), Clarence Rupert (1890), and Victor Stanley (1892), sons of James and Emma.  

The six cousins served in varying capacities across Europe. While all of them served on the Western Front, Victor also fought in Turkey, and Authur alone crossed the English Channel. Only four of the six returned from service. Albert died at Fromelles, and Victor was killed alongside six others at Mouquet Farm in August 1917.  

The Lepp family would go on to serve in the Second World War with James continuing his service alongside his niece, Thelma, and nephews, Stanley and Laurence.   

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Studio portrait of Victor and James Lepp in uniform. Courtesy of Lepp family.