The Arts Collective: Artist's Insights with Grace Feng | Sunday 31st July 2022 2-3pm

As part of The Arts Collective’s Artist’s Insights series of talks Grace Feng Fang Juan will speak at the Chinese Museum on Sunday July 31 from 2-3pm about her practice and her identity as a Chinese Australian creative practitioner.

Grace Feng Fang Juan is a writer, filmmaker and playwright. Drawing on her experiences as a Chinese and Cantonese interpreter, she wrote and directed the bi-lingual web series, Girl, Interpreted, which was nominated in the Best Drama Comedy category at the 2020 AACTA Awards. Grace also wrote and directed the play, 100 Days, which was presented as part of Cybec Electric in 2021. As a writer, Grace has written for ABC and Peril Magazine.

Expressing herself in both the Chinese and English languages, Grace practices within a multi-lingual, trans-cultural space. Grace explores diasporic experiences of the in-between through diverse artistic mediums from writing to photography and film.

Outside of her creative practice, Grace works as at the ABC as a Chinese Audience and Content Expert.

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