Public Talk, part of the Arts Collective series. Sunday 23 April, 2-3pm. 

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Join us for this special presentation by Malaysian Chinese artist, facilitator and art educator Jacky Cheng.

Jacky Cheng’s practice is based on the fundamental themes of identity and awareness. She brings cultural activities and memories of home, country and relationships to her art. Jacky places great significance on creating narratives from her native experience, and a dialogue about the esoteric and social relationships of her own origins and newfound home, environment and social surroundings. 

Jacky works across several mediums, specifically with paper and fibres and also incorporates her philosophy of 'slow art' - a process that commands the direction of her practice. Her awareness is amplified through her diasporic lens and identity as a Chinese descendant in foreign borders as she continues to keep her grandmother’s stories and teachings alive “I now make to remember”.

Jacky’s work also touches on her personal experiences and investigates her interpretation of 'home' and 'belonging' in Broome.  Living and practicing in Broome is special for Jacky; it is respectful, motivational and sensitive story telling. Her practice is an embodiment of intent and purpose, as the artist explains: “Culture comes from place. Everyone has a rich and diverse story with strong family connections.”

With numerous art feeds and articles that have been featured locally and internationally, Cheng’s award-winning manual hand-cut paper enchantment is featured in ABC Makers and Creators segment ‘The Paper Cutter', ABC Arts - ‘How art changed my life’. She was also recognised for her award-winning teaching accolades at the state and national Vocational Education Training (VET) sector, bestowed by the Australia Training Awards.

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