As part of The Arts Collective’s Artist’s Insights series of talks Wang Zheng-Ting will speak at the Museum of Chinese Australian History on Sunday, September 25th from 2-3pm about his practice and his identity as a Chinese-Australian creative practitioner.

Wang Zheng-Ting is a world-renowned composer and master performer of the sheng (Chinese mouth organ).

Zheng-Ting graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and completed a MA in Ethnomusicology at Monash University and a PhD in Ethnomusicology at the University of Melbourne. He has been invited as a visiting scholar to the City University of New York on several occasions and has given performance lectures about the sheng in Switzerland, Austria, Japan and the United States.

Zheng-Ting has performed in sheng recitals across the world, including at the Melbourne Recital Centre; at the Schweizeriusche Musikforschende Gesellschaft, Ortsgruppe, in Zurich; at the Hoch Schule Fur Music Koln, in Wuppertal; Mahasarakham University, in Thailand; St. Paul’s School in London; and at the New York Lincoln Centre.

Zheng-Ting has also performed with the Japanese Stringraphy Ensemble in Tokyo and with the Venice Chamber Orchestra. He is also the founder and director of the Australian Chinese Music Ensemble.

As a performer of a unique classical Chinese instrument, Wang is a master of his craft, honed over years of rigorous musicological study and live performance. At this special presentation he will speak about his experiences as a renowned international composer and musical performer and his identity as a Chinese-Australian artist.

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