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People, Ideas, Innovation

While the power of Roman Empire was rising in the West, the Han dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE) founded the Eastern civilisation in China through a period of cultural and technological development, economic wealth and territorial expansion. This brand new exhibition showcases this significant period of Chinese history through the Han dynasty’s remarkable people, progressive ideas, and great innovations.


The exhibition shares stories about people of the Han dynasty, such as the invention of the earliest odometer by a Chinese engineer and when the Han Emperor accidentally gave away one of ancient China’s Four Great Beauties to a tribal chief. Visitors will be introduced to Zhang Qian, the great explorer who founded the Silk Road, and will learn about Confucius’ enduring philosophy.


Witness the establishment of Silk Road, the expansion of the Empire’s borders, and wonder at a world in miniature featuring pottery figurines and other objects from the superb private collection of Hank Ebes. Explore the Han Emperors’ approach to law and order, the notion of the Mandate of Heaven and the belief in life everlasting.


The Han dynasty heralded the invention of the papermaking process, advanced metal-forging techniques and highly effective agricultural methods. The Han also invented the wheelbarrow, applied negative numbers to mathematical calculations, and created a device that detected earthquakes.

Mr Hank Ebes at the opening of the Han Dynasty Exhibition.  Mr Ebes generously lent objects from his private collection to establish this exhibition.

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