Permanent Exhibition

2018 marked 200 years since the first Chinese person migrated to Australia. The Chinese Museum has established the first nationwide story of the 200 year journey from the first migrant until today. One Million Stories exhibition showcases the many, varied and fascinating journeys of individuals, families and community groups that have settled, integrated and helped form Australian society as we see it today.

The exhibition has themes ranging from descendants of the first arrivals 200 years ago, The Golden Opportunity, Striving For Inclusion, Community Spirit, the Fruits of Enterprise and Cultural Diversity up to the current day Chinese Australian Achievers in society.

Chinese-Australian Achievers

At our One Million Stories exhibition you can view our Chinese Australian Achievers exhibit, which is a collection of 27 interviews with Chinese Australian Achievers who have contributed to contemporary Australian society in Education, Science, Arts, Business, Cuisine, Sport and Medicine.

Click here  Chinese-Australian Achievers.

Sally Capp, Lord Mayor of Melbourne opening the exhibition in Tianjin, Melbourne’s sister city in China. May 2019.

One Million Stories Exhibition aims to:

  • heighten the understanding of the diverse background and characteristics of Chinese Australians past and present.
  • explore the evolution of a changing cultural identity.
  • perpetuate a lineage of heritage and culture for contemporary Chinese Australians.
  • create an inclusive national story from all parts of Australia by widely seeking contributions from people, organisations and regions to recognise the diverse histories and communities across Australia.

The exhibition is on permanent display at the Chinese Museum and is scheduled to travel around Australia and China from 2021 to 2022.

The community of the 1800s

Community spirit

The fruits of enterprise

Striving for inclusion

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