Ah Chan, The Best Cabinet Maker was given an exciting presentation at the Chinese Museum on Saturday 28 May. Ah Chan, The Best Cabinet Maker is a musical theatre play about the aspirations and tribulations of Chinese cabinet makers in 19th century Australia. Ah Chan is a production that has been developed under the Chinese Museum’s The Arts Collective. Attendees on Saturday 28 May were treated to and moved by intertwining stories of love, hope, conflict, and loss among early Chinese Australian settlers, all based on the true historical record.

The Chinese Museum does not only undertake scholarly research into the history of Chinese Australians but seeks to foster Chinese Australian artists to interpret and express their own heritage in new and dynamic ways. Ah Chan is an exciting example of what is possible when history is not only studied and documented but interpreted and presented artistically for the enjoyment of modern audiences.

Saturday 28 May was also a fundraising event, and we thank all those who attended with interest and support. The artistic presentation of Chinese Australian heritage forms an important rail on the way towards effective celebration of Chinese Australian culture and identity and the attainment of a more harmonious world through greater sympathy and understanding.

Special thanks to our supporters:

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