Past Exhibition: 19 April - 12 May 2021

Through the little-known lives and families of Chinese Australian servicemen, the Stories of Chinese Anzacs and Chinese-Australians exhibition explored a range of themes including Australian identity; belonging and exclusion; racial discrimination; enlistment irregularities; sorrow; individual and family sacrifice; and heroism. Most of the men who served had Cantonese ancestry. These stories are based on extensive primary research undertaken in close partnership with their descendants.

The exhibition highlighted the significant contribution that Chinese immigrants and their descendants have made to Australia.

The Museum of Chinese Australian History also proudly launched its new book "For Honour And Country" - a book that contributes to the historical records of Victorian Chinese Australians who participated in World War II.

In the exhibition, we featured a list of Victorian soldiers who have a Chinese background and served in WWII. We pay our respects to them and we still wish to make contact with families who have relatives that are not on the list. If your family members fought in WWII and are based in Victoria, we would like to hear from you and add their names to our growing list. Click here to fill out the information.  


Our migrant heroes who were proud to serve, Joseph Lam, The Australian

Chinese-Australians of WWII Exhibition honours Casterton's Kim brothers for extraordinary actions, ABC